The Hooker Stick Bait Family!

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The Hooker Stick Bait Family!

Postby Scuba Chris » Sat Sep 18, 2021 2:15 pm

These Popping Lures Are Awesome! From FishLab!

I've used these stick bait lures a few times & i love them! The weight, the feel, the look. Everything. There's 2 sizes (4-1/4in @ 2-1/3oz & 6-1/4in @ 3-1/2oz). Right now i'm shore popping the smaller sizes & waiting for some rods to come in for the boat.

The 4-1/4in lures use single 4/0 single hooks while the 6-1/4in size incorporates dual 2/0 treble hooks. All Owner brand. Both lures use HD split rings. Up till now most types & brands of popping lures that i purchase i'm forced to swap out the hooks & rings because the metal isn't thick enough. I'm actually saving money now using these Fish Lab stick baits!

These lures have solid thru wire construction & a fixed weight design for silent running. Also a reinforced ABS body construction. The action of these lures is slow sinking so slightly negative.
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